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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Which countries do you ship your products to?

Almost all of them. Please expect shipping times to be longer outside of the EU and please be aware that there may be customs delays and/or fees. We do, however, endeavour to ship worldwide with minimum hassle for our customers.

When will my product arrive?

You can see the estimated delivery time and shipping costs during the checkout.

How can I pay for your products?

We have a Paypal enabled payment system that accepts not only Paypal but debit and credit cards as well.

Will the package include the pricing information?

No. The package will include only information about us.

How long will it take for my purchase to arrive?

From 2 to 12 days. It will depend on your country and the selected carrier. 

What is included in the shipping charges?

Besides the transportation, packaging, insurance, customs clearance, you should also note that for the packages delivered outside of the EU customs duties will not be included at the checkout. Paying them will be the responsibility of the customer.